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Take casual dining Seven Steps further. Join us in our tavern for an extensive menu sure to please no matter what your taste.

Seasonally, dine in our atrium or outside in our beautiful courtyard.


(VEG)=Vegetarian item

(GF)=Gluten Free item


APPETIZERS and ENTREES are available in the tavern as well, see Casual Fine Dining page for Menu Selects



French Onion
Caramelized onions seasoned in a blend of beef & chicken stock.....(Cup $5) (Bowl $6)

Seafood Bisque
Creamy bisque with lobster essence & a touch of sherry wine.....(Cup $4) (Bowl $5)

Soup of the Day
Please inquire with your server.....(Cup $4) (Bowl $5)

topped with melted pepper jack cheese .....(Cup $5) (Bowl $6)



Crab Cakes
Housemade crab cakes lightly seasoned & served with our cajun remoulade.....$9

Fried Calamari
Crispy fried spicy battered calamari with a side of Chipotle aioli & lemon wedge.....$9

Nachos Costello
Flour tortilla chips topped with melted Pepper Jack cheese, diced tomatoes, olives, lettuce, salsa & sour cream.....$7 Add Chicken for an additional $4. Add House Guacamole for an additional $1. Add Chili for an additional $3.

Chicken Tenders
Chicken tenders served with Lincklaen House Chips & a side of honey mustard.....$8

Lincklaen House Wings
A full pound of deep fried chicken wings tossed with your choice of: garlic-white wine, buffalo barbeque, blue buffalo, honey mustard, Korean or Oriental.....$9.50

Spicy Smoked Gouda & Sundried Tomato Fondue
Creamy fondue with scallions, garlic, hot cherry peppers & smoked Gouda cheese served with pretzel bread…..$8

Baked Brie (VEG)
Brie wrapped in puff pastry, served with hot pepper jelly, assorted fresh fruit & crackers.....$9

Onion Rings (VEG)
Hand cut fresh onion rings tempura battered & deep fried.....$4

French Fries.....$3 (VEG)
Add our spicy Gouda cheese and tomato fondue as a topping for an additional $2

Cheesesticks (VEG)
Six cheesesticks served with a side of tomato basil sauce.....$7

Lincklaen House Chips (VEG)
Fresh potato chip slices made in house, fried & seasoned to perfection......$2

Baked Escargot
Escargot baked with roasted red pepper, garlic & spinach butter topped with cracker crumbs and Asiago cheese.....$8 Can be made Gluten Free. Ask your server. (GF)

Baked Bruschetta (VEG)(GF)
Fresh tomatoes, basil pesto & Asiago cheese baked on our house made Focaccia dough.....$9 Can be made Gluten Free by using our Gluten Free pizza dough for an additional $2.



House Salad (VEG)
Wild greens, grapes and sunflower seeds served with dressing of choice.....$7.50....Small House Salad....$4

Caesar Salad (VEG)
Crisp Romaine lettuce tossed with Caesar dressing & house croutons.....$7.50....Small Caesar....$4

The Cazenovian (VEG)
Wild greens topped with carrots, celery, roasted peppers, grapes & balsamic vinaigrette.....$7.50

Salad Morgan (VEG)
Wild greens, tomatoes & red onions with soy ginger vinaigrette.....$7.50

Wedge Salad
A wedge of iceberg lettuce topped with chopped bacon, cucumber, celery, carrots, tomato & our house creamy blue cheese dressing.....$7.50

Buffalo Salad
Romaine tossed with a buffalo blue dressing, with carrots, celery, and tomatoes....$7.50

Add any of the following to your salad.
$4.00   $5.00
Chicken*   Salmon*
Beef*   Shrimp*
Breaded Chicken Tenders   Tuna Medium Rare
Tempura Chicken   Steak Style Bacon
    Tempura Shrimp
*can be Blackened    


Our House Salad Dressings: Honey Mustard(GF), Raspberry Vinaigrette(GF) or Greek Feta Vinaigrette(GF), Creamy Blue Cheese, Caesar, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Soy Ginger Vinaigrette, Gorganzola Caesar & Tomato Vinaigrette



Three fried flour tortilla tacos with your choice of chicken or braised beef topped with shredded lettuce, tomatos and sour cream.....$13 Substitute soft shell for fried shell.

Salmon, cod, baby shrimp and jumbo shrimp in a tomato saffron aromatic broth with croustini.....$13

Petite Filet
3 oz. filet of beef topped with bacon gravy and caramelized onions served over garlic mashed potatoes.....$16

Grilled Tuna
Grilled Tuna with bok choy noodle with stir fry vegetables finished with a Whiskey sauce.....$17

Seafood Risotto
Baby shrimp, crab, spinach & risotto with lemon and olive oil…..$14

Cheese Quesadilla
Pepper Jack, Cheddar & Muenster cheese, baked in a flour tortilla.....$6 Add Chicken, Beef or Shrimp for an additional $4. Add Mushrooms, Onions or Peppers for an additional $1.50

Chicken Enchilada

Grilled chicken, rice & pepper jack cheese wrapped and baked in a white flour tortilla served over enchilada sauce and topped with lettuce, sour cream & salsa.....$12

Batterberry Kale Salad
Textures of kale, radishes, beets, carrots and herbs finished with sweet lime chili and topped with your choice of chicken or salmon.....$13.00

North Atlantic Fish & Chips
Deep fried Atlantic salmon fillet served with Lincklaen House Chips, coleslaw & cocktail sauce.....$13

Shrimp & Crab Au Gratin
Baby shrimp & crab au gratin served with croustinis…..$12

Pho (VEG)
Steeped seasonal veg, homemade noodles in a spicy broth with your choice of beef, steak style bacon, or vegetarian.....Pho Beef $19.....Pho Bacon $17.....Pho Vegetarian $15

Stir Fry (VEG)
Pan fried scallions, Nappa cabbage, red onions & red peppers in our signature stir fry sauce and made spicy upon request.....Vegetarian $6.50.....Baby Shrimp, Tempura Shrimp, Grilled Chicken, or Tempura Chicken add $4.....Sesame Crusted Salmon add $7

Vegetable Risotto (VEG)
Seasonal vegetables, spinach & risotto with lemon and olive oil…..$10

Utica Greens
Sautéed escarole with prosciutto, garlic, hot cherry peppers & toasted breadcrumbs topped with
Parmesan cheese.....$9 Can be made Gluten Free. Ask your server. (GF)



French Dip
Shaved warm roast beef served on toasted French bread with a side of au jus for dipping.....$8

Fish & Chips
Crispy fried haddock fillet served on a kaiser roll with Lincklaen House Chips & tartar sauce.....$9

Buffalo Wrap
Crispy chicken tossed in a buffalo style hot sauce with blue cheese dressing, shredded lettuce & sliced tomato served panini style in a flour tortilla.....$9.50

Ahi Tuna Wrap
Corriander dusted tuna with soy ginger aioli, greens, nappa cabbage, red peppers wrapped in a white flour tortilla.....$11

Grilled Reuben
Shaved corned beef on grilled rye bread with Russian dressing, sauerkraut & Swiss cheese.....$9

Chicken Panini
Grilled Chicken with pesto aioli, spinach & Pepper Jack cheese served panini style on ciabatta bread.....$9.50

Turkey Club Wrap
Sliced turkey breast, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo wrapped in a flour tortilla.....$8 Half Turkey Club wraps are available for $5

Grilled Roast Beef
Shaved roast beef grilled on rye bread with horseradish-dijon aioli, coleslaw & Swiss cheese.....$9

Blackened Haddock
Blackened haddock fillet served on a kaiser roll with french fries & a side of citrus aioli......$9

Spicy Haddock Wrap
Crispy fried haddock, coleslaw, Cheddar cheese & cajun remoulade wrapped in a flour tortilla....$9

Open Steak Sandwich
Grilled 8 oz. hanger steak topped with sautéed mushrooms and onions served over french bread with a side of Lincklaen House Chips.....$15

Grilled Turkey Reuben
Sliced turkey breast grilled on rye bread with Russian dressing, sauerkraut & Swiss cheese.....$9

English Portobello (VEG)
Tomato-herb marinated portobello cap topped with fresh tomato & crumbly blue cheese then baked, served on an English muffin.....$9

Grilled Vegetable Panini (VEG)
Grilled zucchini, squash, roasted peppers & spinach with a pesto aioli spread and Provolone cheese served on ciabatta bread.....$8

PIZZA (8 inch pies)

Seafood Pizza
Shrimp, lobster, spinach & a parmesan cream sauce.....$12

Meathead Pizza
Italian sausage, pepperoni, bacon & tomato basil sauce topped with our three cheese blend.....$11

Tuscan Martini Pizza
Chicken, baby spinach, red onion, ricotta & tomato basil sauce topped with our three cheese blend.....$13

Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Grilled chicken in a buffalo blue sauce topped with our three cheese blend.....$13

Veggie Pizza (VEG)
Pesto, tomatoes, peppers, spinach & artichoke hearts topped with our three cheese blend......$9.50

Garlic-Herb Pizza (VEG)
Garlic infused olive oil with fresh sliced tomato, herbs & Provolone cheese.....$9

Tomato Basil Pizza (VEG)
Traditional pizza topped with our three cheese blend.....$9

***Any pizza can be made gluten free***
Gluten Free pizza dough for an additional $2. (GF)


***All Burgers come with lettuce, tomato, onion and dill pickles. Ask your server for Mayo or Mustard. Add swiss, cheddar or provolone cheese for $1. You can also add sautéed Mushrooms, Onions, Peppers, or Bacon for $0.75***

The Heart Stopper
12 oz. Angus ground beef burger topped with melted Cheddar & Provolone cheese, crisp bacon, fried tumbleweed onions and served with French fries & a side of bacon mayo.....$14

Bacon Blue Burger
8 oz. Angus ground beef burger topped with crispy bacon & crumbly blue cheese served with Lincklaen House Chips.....$10

Charbroiled Burger
8 oz. Angus ground beef burger served with Lincklaen House Chips.....$9

Cazenovia Kobe Burger
8 oz. of Kobe style beef provided by the local “Meadow Farms” served with Lincklaen House Chips.....$15

Lincklaen Rodeo Burger
8 oz. Angus ground beef burger topped with melted Pepper Jack cheese, homestyle BBQ sauce & spicy fried onions served with French fries…..$12

Blackened Cheddar Burger
8 oz. Angus ground beef burger blackened and topped with peppers, onions & Cheddar cheese served with Lincklaen House Chips.....$10

Fried Mac and Cheeseburger
8 oz. Angus ground beef burger topped with deep fried homemade mac and cheese served with Lincklaen House Chips…..$11

Lincklaen Stack
8 oz. Angus burger topped with cheddar cheese, fried Portobello mushroom, bacon and a burger sauce.....$11

***Vegetarian Option***
fried Portobello Mushroom with cheddar cheese and burger sauce.....$9


Tender pan seared cutlets topped with a mushroom marsala sauce and served with garlic mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables. Choice of Chicken $15.....Eggplant $16.....Veal $17

Pan-fried cracker encrusted cutlets topped with tomato basil sauce & Asiago cheese, oven baked served over linguini pasta. Choice of Chicken $15.....Eggplant $16.....Veal $17

Bistro steak
6 oz bistro steak over roasted shallot jam and croustini, served with garlic mashed potatoes & arugula....$16

Shrimp Barry
Sautéed jumbo shrimp tossed in a tomato, kalamata olive & white wine sauce served over linguini pasta.....$18

Pasta Richard
Blackened chicken breast served over linguini pasta tossed in a brandy & Asiago cheese cream sauce...$15

Shepherd’s Pie
Ground lamb, beef, corn, carrots & peas stewed with tomatoes and topped with whipped potatoes.....$15

Seared Salmon
Pan seared Salmon with Lemon Risotto, & wilted arugula topped with an herb butter.....$16

Chicken Riggies

Grilled chicken, sautéed peppers, onions, sun dried tomatos & hot peppers in a vodka cream sauce served over Rigatoni.....$16

Lincklaen Pot Roast
Slow braised boneless beef short ribs served over garlic mashed potatoes, sautéed vegetables &
finished with au jus.....$19

Jambalaya (VEG)
Grilled chicken, shrimp & spicy Andouille sausage simmered in a traditional Creole style tomato cream sauce with vegetables & fresh peas served with rice pilaf.....$16

Stuffed Eggplant Napoleon (VEG)
Baked eggplant napoleon with sautéed garlic greens, roasted peppers & Asiago cheese served over linguini pasta with tomato basil sauce.....$15


***Our Famous Popovers are served fresh & warm with all meals until 9:00PM daily.***
Extra Popovers are available at $1.00 each (upon availability). Due to their popularity, we cannot guarantee their availability during busy times or after 9:00PM. French bread is available as requested.


The Lincklaen House also uses the dining rooms to hold meetings,
receptions and banquets for up to 200 people. Click here for more information.